czwartek, 28 marca 2013

Hi everyone !
 I see that most of you is from other country than Poland so i decided that my posts will be in english (my english isn't very good but i think that you will know what want to say).
In the first point i want to tell that i started to do bellies, bought new mobile phone with android because i want to have application for runners and before Easter will start diet. I want to run again after 13 miles a day !! Keep your fingers crossed!! :D 
Second point, i am really angry ;/ I live in Poznań (Poland) but my family is in Lublin (Poland too but 500 km further) and i can't come back at home today because i have train ticket for tomorrow. :( 

Time for questions:
1)What do you think about application Endomondo? Good or not good? 
2) Do you like my idea about write posts in english?

I apologize for any errors !!


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